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Addis Ababa , Ethiopia

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About Sycamore Ethiopia Tours
Sycamore Ethiopia Tours is your perfect local tour operator and partner for all your traveling needs in Ethiopia. We are based in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. We offer different tour packages like ,city tours , outdoor tours , multi day tours , trekking , hiking , cultural tours , natural tours , historical tours and combined tours.
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Extraordinary trip , best tour company in Ethiopia

  Reviewed on 2023-11-14 10:27:16

I traveled to North Ethiopia with my family and we visited the historical and natural destinations ; Addis Ababa , Lalibela , Bahrdar , Gonder and One day trekking in simien mountains . The tour was well organized by Haile the tour operator of sycamore tours and he was very nice guy and dedicated to his work. Every time he checked us and make our stay comfortable . xtraordinary trip , best tour company in Ethiopia


best travel company ,Best Guide for Omo valley tribes and south Ethiopia

  Reviewed on 2023-11-17 14:47:20

We were recommended sycamore Ethiopia Tours and never in our wildest dreams did we image we would fall in love with the lower omo Valley as we did, nor with Haile and his team. We spent 7 days going to 8 different tribes and had such an engaging and unique experience learning about the diversity and culture of each tribe. Haile was a great communicating with us about what we wanted to see and scheduled a wonderful itinerary for us. We were even able to see the bull jumping ceremony and he was able to get us to see the ceremony of the dassanech tribe. kibrom and Zinabu were amazing guide/driver.Kibrom was so knowledgeable about each tribe and had good relationships with the local guides and tribes. He was super easy to talk with and was very good at checking in and making sure we did activities that we wanted to be engaged in. Zinabu was an awesome driver who also knew a lot about the area and had a very easy going positive attitude. We really enjoyed being able to talk to the tribes


Top Harar Tour operator , Travel Agent and Tour Guide

  Reviewed on 2023-11-17 15:07:06

I spent 2 weeks in Ethiopia but Harar was by far my favorite place for me the , and most of that is thanks to the tour operator Haile. I went to Harar for two days one night and in the beginning i went to the hyena feeding place and i gave him the meat holding with my mouth and then when he come to me i scared but it was lovely and best experience . The following day we went to Babile, the Valley of Marvels and Koromi, great value for the price ! And in the afternoon Ahmed gave me a private tour of the city- wve visited the city gates, a traditional guesthouse, 2 museums, the spice market and I got to feed eagles from my hand. During the tour, Ahmad explained everything, including every single architectural detail of the Harari houses, what each city gate was used for, the history of Harar, the lifestyle etc, he is very passionate about his city and his culture. He’s also fun to have around and ready to help with anything. I highly recommend his tour company!


Best Tigray Churches Tour Operator

  Reviewed on 2023-11-24 00:10:35

I traveled to Tigray region with my family and mainly we did the most popular tourist destination Gheralta rock churches and climbing activities and we did love it . It was an amazing experience and memories we got and thanks for the most recommended tour operator and his team.

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