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Kathmandu , Nepal

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About Rara Lakes Trek
Rara National Park, Nepal's littlest and most beautiful national stop that spreads over a range of 106 square kilometer, is arranged around 370 kilometers north-west of Kathmandu and lies in Mugu, a hilly area of the western district of Nepal. The undisturbed and the biggest lake in Nepal is additionally famous as Mahendra Tal.

The National Park rises from 1800 m to 4480 m forested by conifers. The essential of Rara National Park is the unblemished Rara Lake, which remains at the tallness of 2990 m. what's more, spreads more than 10.8 square kilometers.

Chuchemara Dauda at the height of 4087meters is the best vantage point to get the sublime perspectives of the dark blue clear lake and very forested slope and additionally the snow-topped tops around it. The reasonable, high height pool of Rara mirrors the snow topped Himalayas which is ringed with pine, spruce and juniper timberland.

More than 500 various types of blooms and herbs including Rhododendrons, Black Juniper, Oak, West Himalayan Spruce and Himalayan Cypress are found in this park. It is home to 20 distinct types of warm blooded animals and 214 types of feathered creatures.

Amid winters you will have the capacity to witness the transient winged animals from different districts far and wide and amid summers the Himalayan blossoms encompass the lake making a dynamic scene.
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