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Kathmandu , Nepal

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About Trekking in Limi valley
Limi Valley Trekking is the final territory of genuine wild in Nepal. Limi Valley is a confined valley reaching out from the fringe of the Himalayan pass Hilsa and Chang La in the middle of Nepal and Tibet and is tucked somewhere down in the wild of Humla. It happens to be one of only a handful few spots on earth where genuine experience to the obscure lies ahead. The main method for transportation are donkeys, jackasses and steeds.

Limi Valley Trek begin from Nepalgunj to Simikot via air and it is from Simikot, the authoritative base camp of Humla, that the trek initiates. Trekkers get the opportunity to walk the old salt exchanging and religious trails as far as possible up to the outskirt of China and Nepal as they get the opportunity to get a look at Mt Kailash, Mt Saipal, Mt Mendun and Ghur-La Manadala. Along the route, there are common waterfalls,hot springs and thick timberlands. Marmot, wolf, wild yak, blue sheep, wild ass, rabbit, Himalayan dark brew are a portion of the creature that abide in this area. Incidentally, exceedingly imperiled well evolved creatures like the blue sheep and snow panther can be seen in this colorful district. When you come to the Limi valley, you will go through grain and buckwheat fields, distinctive towns. Since Limi Valley fringes Tibet, local people are of Tibetan relatives with their remarkable standards, society and conventions and even their own particular lingo.

Limi Valley Trek is for all intents and purposes huge beautifully and socially assorted trekking destination in Nepal Himalaya locale. The area arranged in north of Humla distt and near to the fringe of Tibet. The valley likewise came to know through "shrouded valley". The locales additionally came to Government gifts authorization to do trekking in this district subsequent to 2002 for outsider trekkers.
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