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Kathmandu , Nepal

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About Limi Valley Trek
Limi Valley Trek has a unique land position called "downpour shadow" which implies trekking is additionally conceivable amid the storm in the month of June, July and August while whatever is left of the nation is absorbed downpour. Limi Valley Trek is a standout amongst the most remote and wonderful treks in northwestern Nepal. Limi Valley is encompassed by Gurla range in the north, Tse Ri in the west, Nyalu range in the east and Tag Ri in the south. Limi Valley is secured by snow winter from Late December to ahead of schedule May. Limi Valley Trek makes it rich in a wide assortment of uncommon vegetation and creatures like wild Yak, yapping deer, blue sheep, musk deer, Himalayan mountain bear and even the spotted snow panther. The occupant of the area has Buddhist beginning and their way of life, custom and way of life is exceptionally impacted from the west Tibet. Outside the Limi Valley there is other Buddhist groups are Yultso Dunpa, Tukchu Lungba, Nyinba and Changba. They all are live in stone hovels put with mud and the making their work with creature farming and horticulture. The passage to this valley for untouchables has been opened in 2000 and from that point forward just couple of trekkers pass this remote area. Limi Valley Trek is genuinely troublesome yet remunerated of quite often being separated from everyone else with nature since just a couple of trekkers are coming here. The adventure takes us to the segregate excellent Limi Valley Trek, which begins from Simikot region head quarter; this range is untouched by urbanization and has saved the excellence of nature. The trek takes us to the thick evergreen timberland of the low Karnali canyon to high bone-dry Limi valley traverse Nara La pass 4530m. While we out from Limi valley we cross Nyalu La pass 4950m lastly Langdok La pass 3980m and back to Simikot. From those passes we can see astonishing mountain perspective of Mt. Saipal and Gurla Mandata South.
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