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The Joy Of Rafting Trishuli River - 1 Day - 1 Days

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Nepal has a reputed standing for being one of the best places in the world for rafting, with a stunning river journey from steep, awe-inspiring mountain streams to classic big-volume wilderness expeditions since rafting in Nepal has long drawn traveler and adventure-seeker around the globe to the rivers of the pristine Himalayas.

With easy access from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan, rafting on the Trisuli River is a fantastic opportunity to raft over Nepal’s most popular rafting river. No doubt rafting on the Trisuli River brings the most exciting experience a rafter can seek in Nepal. Together with the thrill of rafting, the adventure further brings closer overlapping experiences of diverse demographics, landscapes, cultural heritage and flora and fauna of the vicinity.

Join Alpine Club of Himalaya’s rafting journey over Trisuli River to savor the ecstasy of perfect one day adventure. The exhilarating trip will be within scenic valleys and impressive gorges of the river to make it an ideal experience of a lifetime.

This delightful adventurous excursion runs round the year on an everyday basis. Let us know when it suits you to relish the most favored wilderness experience within the drops of Alpine Club of Himalaya.

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