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Montenegro Wine Road Tour - 6 hours + time for transfer depending on the city days

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Visit: ''13. Jul - Plantaže - vineyard ''Ćemovsko field'' and wine cellar ''Šipčanik''
We will visit one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe – Ćemovsko field. This vineyard is located about thirty kilometers away from the Adriatic Sea, next to Skadar Lake, and occupies an area of about 2,300 hectares, with about 10 million vines of grapevine, both domestic and world-known varieties.

Vranac is, of course, the prince of this magnificent principality of the Ćemovsko field, and at the same time the national brand and the most recognizable product of the company “13. Jul – Plantaže”.
White varieties are led by a Montenegrin Krstač which thrives exclusively in Montenegro and nowhere else in the world.

It seems incredibly, but even 95% of the vineyard “Ćemovsko field” is picked manually. During the harvest, which lasts from August to the end of September, when more than 2,000 pickers gather, this area really acts as a scene from an epic film.

After driving by touristic train through a vineyard and a short break at the viewpoint, we arrive at the ‘’heart’’ of the vineyard, the wine cellar “Sipčanik”. This wine cellar is located at an average depth of over 30 meters below ground, in a form of a wind tunnel of 356 meters long, an average width of 13.5 meters and a height of 7 meters. It was created by recovering of an underground hangar used for Yugoslav National Army airplanes. Before we enter the cellar, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy from the viewpoint in view of the entire vineyard, where you will experience all of the climate within only one wine house. On an area of 7,000 m², temperature between 17 and 19 degrees, humidity 70 to 80%, preserves and nurtures superior wine. In the wine cellar “Sipčanik” there is a wine shop with all the wines of “Plantaže” and other products.

In the cellar it is foreseen: a tasting of 3 types of wines (2 from the classic line and one special), bruschette with Njeguški cheese grilled on olive oil and rosemary. Duration – approx. 2h.

Visit to the rural household and ‘’Winery Dabović’’
After visiting the wine cellar ” Šipčanik ”, we will head towards the village household and the Dabović winery in Nudo village. Duration of travel about 2 h.

Wines “Dabović Winery” come from the smallest wine region in Europe – Nudo. And Nudo is a small village that is soured in the basin on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, eighteen kilometers from Trebinje and forty from Risan. It is rich in both cultural and historical heritage, which is yet another motive to visit.

When you taste their wines, wherever you are, they will take you to the epic estates of the high stone hills of Montenegro and the arable green fields of the Nudo, and you will hear how Zaslapnica river burbles, and how winds which come from the Adriatic Sea and Orjen, collide above the Nudo village.

For years, this winery has won the most prestigious awards at all international fairs and it is the most successful Winery in Montenegro.

In its cellars and tasting hall traditionally decorated with stone and wood, you will enjoy wonderful aromas of drinks and traditional local specialties.

It is planned to visit the vineyard, visit the cellar, tasting 1 brandy, 2 herbal and 3 wines with a suitable appetizer (prosciutto, cheese, homemade bread and honey), lunch (goulash, potatoes and roasted meat, salad) and dessert (some of the homemade cakes).

Duration of visit: 2h

After lunch, return. The end of the tour

Price Includes:
Driving by car, van or tourist class bus (driver with English knowledge)
Visit to the vineyard "Ćemovsko field" and wine cellar "Šipčanik"
Riding by a touristic train in the vineyard ‘’Ćemovsko field’’
Tasting of 3 types of wines (2 from the classic line and one special), bruschette with Njeguški cheese grilled on olive oil and rosemary in wine cellar ‘’Šipčanik’’
Visit to the rural household, vineyards, cellars and ‘’Winery Dabović’’
Tasting of 1 brandy, 2 herbal and 3 wines with a suitable appetizer (prosciutto, cheese, homemade bread and honey), lunch (goulash, potato and roast meat, salad) and desserts (some of the local cakes).
Price does not include:
Food and drink not listed in program
Tourist guide by a specific language
Other non-program costs
Travel health insurance – optional

Additional options (for extra charge):

Recreational riding time in the Horse Club “Vranac” (60 min active riding), with the presence of an instructor – 13. Jul Plantaže
A visit to the old cellar ”Lješko field” with the tasting of three premium wines – 13. Jul Plantaže
Tour of cultural and historical monuments, near Zaslapnica river – Nudo village
Tour of the Bijela Gora where you can enjoy in the forest paths, collect forest fruits, hiking through the marked paths, visit the Austrian fortress or simply rest in a small wooden and summer house. In addition to this experience, you can complete the tour of Grahovo Lake and the Arboretum in Grahovo.
Travel health insurance

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