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Situated close to the remote borderlands of the high Himalayas are a few consecrated beyul, mystery valleys found by individuals with unadulterated personalities and hearts. As per old lessons, these beyuls were made by Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), the reknowned eighth century spiritualist who acquainted Buddhism with the Tibetan, Nepali and Bhutanese individuals in the Himalayas. These otherworldly valleys are indicated to be safe houses of peace, thriving, deep sense of being and a consecrated shelter for genuine seekers and adherents. In the seventeenth century, Tsum Valley got to be known as Beyul Kyimolung.

Any explorer who visits here comprehends why Tsum is a sacrosanct and otherworldly beyul. One of Nepal's most delightful valleys, it is disconnected from the southern swamps (a five-day trek far off) by profound forested chasms and falling streams, and from Tibet in the north by high snow-shrouded passes. It is home to 18 little towns and around 4000 individuals of the indigenous ethnic gathering known as "Tsumbas". They are essentially of Tibetan starting point and practice Buddhism and Bon religions.

It is encompassed by taking off Himalayan pinnacles, including the Baudha Himal and Himal Chuli toward the west, Ganesh Himal toward the South and Sringi Himal toward the north. The northern end of the valley is limited by three high goes to Tibet, including Ngula Dhoj Hyang (5093 m.) toward the east and Thapla Pass (5326 m.) toward the west. There are no airplane terminals, streets or mechanized vehicles in (or close) Tsum Valley. All travel is done by walking along time-worn trails that element numerous old chortens and cut mani stone dividers engraved with petitions and portrayals of gods.

The Buddhist holy person Milarepa is accepted to have contemplated in hollows of this rocky valley, and it is home to more than 100 ministers and nuns at Mu Monastery and Rachen Nunnery. Numerous inhabitants of Tsum report having seen or discovered indications of Mehti, normally alluded to in the West as the "Sasquatch" or 'Loathsome Snowman'.

Tsum Valley just opened to outside trekkers in 2008. Because of this, alongside its remoteness and detachment, Tsum Valley and its kin have kept away from business effects and changes for quite a long time. Accordingly, its special culture has remained generally in place. Since it has not been gone to by numerous voyagers, there are not very many set up courtesies, for example, teahouses, lodgings, stores or eateries along the trail.

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