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Tour Itinerary
We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Thamel and then we’ll head to the put-in point Baireni, which is a two hour drive from Kathmandu. Once there our river guides will prepare all the needed equipment and give you complete safety and paddling instructions to get you ready for the big adventure ahead. The first day will be easy and difficult at the same time. You’ll fall off your kayak, get in, rescue yourself, learn about water movements and more importantly get used to the river and your boat. At the end of the day we’ll set up camp in a secluded beach and enjoy our dinner beside the river!

You’ll be learning the basics of a roll on the second day. We’ll teach you how to turn upside down and get back on your boat again without any assistance from your guide. We’ll also teach you about eddies, holes, waves and teach you how to cross the river and start paddling across the river current. At the end of the day you will overcome your fear of the river and get ready for the big day tomorrow.

All your practice is put into the test today as you start off running a few bumpy rapids (II/II+) while our guides teach you how to use the appropriate strokes and navigate the river perfectly. At the end of the day we’ll set up camp at a beautiful beach, watch the sun set and as the twilight fades, it’s time for a delicious and well deserved treat prepared by our expert cooks!

On the final day you’ll put into practice everything you learnt in the previous days – only this day you won’t flip and will be able to enjoy paddling. You’ll paddle through some exciting Class II / III+ rapids on your final day. After lunch we’ll transfer you to your hotel in Thamel and at night we’ll celebrate your successful training.

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Adventure Tours
Professionally trained and certified river guides. Professionally trained and certified safety kayaks. Quality rafting and kayaking equipment.
Visas, flights, other taxes etc. Personal items like toiletries, clothing, camera etc.


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